Artist / Writer

The human face, figure, psyche and soul have always been the centerpiece of my paintings.

The folk are leaping, striding, swimming, flying, heading into the wind at the top of a hill, dancing, bowling, maneuvering a tight rope, stepping right out of their clothes and misconceptions. Even in the works where my subjects are sitting or lounging--they are thinking, being, going forward, or perhaps backwards, reviewing the past.

I am a story teller in bright paint and fire words. I critique –with humor, I hope–the absurdity of the human condition. My aim in painting (& writing) is the liberating of myself and the viewer from outdated notions of who we are, and who we might yet be.

I know anatomy; my style, grounded on that, is loose, flowing, brushy--giving sense that the work was painted in one fluid encounter with the canvas. But seldom the case.

I often use black outlining to celebrate the forms. I always use a wide range of color.


My ongoing pictorial interest in Greek gods, sexy goddesses, and Christian iconography live side by side with portraits of my friends and acquaintances. My subjects are familiar, and wonderfully ridiculous in their demand for (unaware of ?) their essential dignity and power invoking the humor, the playfulness, the joyousness and absurdity of becoming.

I have drawn and written stories since I was barely able to hold a pencil and
was lucky to live in a city with wonderful museums which welcomed visitors of all ages. The legacy of the masterpieces I so persistantly and passionately observed became living essences within my psyche. They remain with me still, peering & provoking as I work. They applaud good-- and boo false-- moves. I cannot shut them up.

© Patricia Kaufman. All Rights Reserved

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