Artist / Writer

The human face, figure, psyche and soul has always been the centerpiece of my paintings.

The folk are leaping, striding, swimming, flying, heading into the wind at the top of a hill, dancing, bowling, maneuvering a tight rope, stepping right out of their clothes and misconceptions. Even in the works where my subjects are sitting or lounging, they won’t be resting for long.

I am a story teller in bright paint and fire words. I critique –with humor, I hope–the absurdity of the human condition. I believe –like good old Confucius–that one picture worth a thousand words. Strange for me to say since I am a writer committed to struggling with truth and humor on the page in the form of words.

For me, painting and writing is a commitment to the truth. Truth and liberation of all kinds. My conviction is that liberation is not for my canvassed subjects alone, but about liberating the perceptions of the viewer from stale outdated notions of who we are, who we were, and who we might yet be.

My style is loose, flowing and brushy, giving the work a sense that it was painted in one fluid uninterrupted encounter with the canvas. That’s good, but seldom the case. I often use black outlining to celebrate the forms. I always use a wide range of color.


With the exception of my ongoing pictorial interest in Greek gods, sexy goddesses, and familiar Christian iconography, my subjects are familiar, and wonderfully ridiculous in their demand for (unaware of ?) their essential dignity and power. I hope I convey the playfulness, the humor, the joyousness and absurdity of "becoming" while leaving the darker images of my soul in a local Laundromat. (Caveat: I can always use the dryer.)

I have drawn and written stories since I was barely able to hold a pencil. My formal education includes Scripps College in California, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, The NYC Art Students League, briefly Instituto in San Miguel, Mexico, and above all the wonderful museums and theaters of New York, Europe, and the Orient. Their legacy of masterpieces I so passionately observed are still living essences within my psyche, peering over my shoulder, applauding good, and booing false, moves. ..O how very busy they are!!

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