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SAVE HER O SAVE HER isn’t an especially Feminist title, even if it’s all about a HER not a HIM. We could waste five perfectly good minutes trying to untangle WHO is being called on to save her, and/or WHY is she helpless to save herself? Except we have better things to do and it’s time for breakfast. Also, if after some bacon and eggs or toast and tofu, you take the time to watch the whole video, you will see that it is she herself calling to HERSELF to save herself from a fate which was once taught (& starting to be again) as worse than death. The innocent virgin tied to the rail road tracks as the big steel train hurtles towards her belching stream (O what a salacious metaphor!) and the villain twirls his waxed mustache to make HER agree to his nefarious assault on her Purity!? Or, was it the mortgage he wanted?.Anyone remember The Perils of Pauline? My name starts with a P, but it’s sure not Pauline.

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